Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Other Words

I was listening to this song the other day. The words tell in different words what I’ve been meaning in the past couple of posts on ‘dirt.’ Keep in mind the whole garden/tender/planting/growing analogy. Hope you enjoy Addison Road's 'Change in the Making'! (CLICK HERE to listen)

There’s a better version of me
That I can’t quite see
But things are gonna change
Right now I’m a total mess and
Right now I’m completely incomplete
But things are gonna change
Cause You’re not through with me yet.

This is redeption’s story
With every step that I’m taking
Every day, You’re chipping away
What I don’t need
This is me under construction
This is my pride being broken
And every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be
I’m a change in the making.

Wish I could live more patiently
Wish I could give a little more of me
Without stopping to think twice
Wish I had faith like a child
Wish I could walk a single mile
Without tripping on my own feet
But You’re not through with me yet.


From the dawn of history
You make new and You redeem
From a broken world to a broken heart
You finish what You start in everything
Like a river rolls into the sea
We’re not who we’re going to be
But things are going to change.


I’m not who I’m gonna be
Moving closer to Your glory.

How’s the week going, Dry Ground friends? Remember we’re all a work in progress!
Oh, and HEY – Happy Valentine’s Day!
(photo by yours truly)