Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good News/Bad News

I was going to voice my absolute disgust with the news story about the nurse who refused to administer CPR for an incapacitated person who eventually died. The heartbreaking pleading of the 911 operator crushes me as does the emotionless voice of the nurse who called but would not help because it was against her employer’s policy.
Excuse me? Saving a life is against policy???
What a sad day when we choose personal protection, job security and threat of income loss over the sanctity of a life that isn’t our own.
I can allow that I don't know all sides of this story. I am reacting to the highlights from the news, which I understand can be seriously incomplete.
Perhaps, if any good can come of this it is to see the stark contrast of what Jesus has done for us – no greater love, but He laid down His life. And I believe we are called to do the same. ‘Think of others more highly than yourself…’ and ‘Lean not on your own understanding…’ and just depend on the Lord to take care of you as you continue to do right.
It feels bad to highlight something bad. 
I want to conclude on the upswing with this entertaining, LOL video. I hope you enjoy… while keeping in mind ‘do unto others’ still is the way to go.

Happy Wednesday, Dry Ground friends!