Monday, October 4, 2010

Movies You May Have Missed Monday

The year, 1998.

My Daniel and I were in Hollywood, CA enjoying dinner at the infamous Spago’s restaurant compliments of DreamWorks studios.

The movie world and all that it is in it was new to us at the time, and we were as star-struck as the next tourist from Omaha, NE.

So when Tony Curtis walked into the restaurant and the hostess whisked him away to his usual table upstairs, I had no idea what all the hubbub was about. The only reference that registered to me was that he was Jamie Lee Curtis’ father. And at the time, that was enough to oooo and ahhh over for me.

Twelve years later, I recognize my brush with Hollywood greatness.

I’ve only actually seen two movies starring the recently late Tony Curtis: Some Like It Hot, co-starring Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon; and Who Was That Lady? Co-starring his wife at the time and Jamie’s mother, Janet Leigh, as well as Dean Martin.

Although Some Like It Hot is definitely a classic and worth a watch for its humor, zaniness and legendary performances, today’s Movies You May Have Missed Monday highlights the other one, Who Was That Lady? directed by George Sidney in 1960.

Sometimes when I’m watching a classic movie, the first few minutes make me either roll my eyes or cringe with caution as I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. This was one of those films.
The beginning shows Tony Curtis’ character, David Wilson and a university science teacher, lip-locked with a co-ed student. His wife, Ann played by Janet Leigh, walks in on them, and whoops, there you go, she’s on her way out of the relationship.

After seeing the first scene, I wondered how a meaningful comedy could come from such a over used and destructive plot point.

But I hung in there.

And it quickly showed to be worth watching.

Number one, it was funny! David Wilson convinces his best friend, Michael Haney portrayed by Dean Martin, to help him save his marriage. They come up with the idea of telling Ann that they have been in the FBI for years and that he’s been under cover. You think, surely this won’t work, but it does, sort of. The real trouble doesn’t start until the actual FBI shows up and complicates the charade.

Number two, the moral at the end of the story is fantastic!

Besides that, the last sequence showing Mr. Wilson and Mr. Haney essentially sleeping in the bed they’ve made, is a huge crack-up.

If you’re looking for a hidden treasure, one that shows Mr. Curtis at his brightest, dig through the classics for Who Was That Lady?

RIP Tony Curtis – 1925-2010

Happy Monday, Dry Ground friends!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. You were there when he walked in? That's awesome!!

Love your take on movies, girl. Great insight. Thanks for sharing.

Jay Harris said...

Another golden nugget is "The Defiant Ones" with Sidney Poitier. The ending is priceless.

Rest In Peace Bernard Schwartz

Jenni said...

I love Tony Curtis and was very sad to hear of his passing. Great post too! I've got to watch both of these again!

Jonathan said...

Gotta love Tony Curtis! I will be checking this one out!