Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Extra

Hope your weekend goes splendidly, Dry Ground friends!

Had two updates for you that couldn't wait until Monday... one on a high note, the other on a sad one.

The sad one is that the spouse of the co-worker I blogged about on Wednesday who was only about two weeks ago diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer passed away Friday morning. I'd appreciate prayers for my co-worker and her family. Thanks. From diagnosis to death, a little more than two weeks. If that doesn't teach you to cherish time, people, life... Cherish, my friends, CHERISH each other.

The other note, a lighter one, is that this Sunday, 10-10-10, seems to be Turner Classic Movie's Tony Curtis tribute day, so the movie I mentioned last week on Movies You May Have Missed Mondays, Who Was That Lady?, will be showing on TCM at 2pm (ET). Just wanted to FYI you in case you wanted to watch it. Even if you catch the end, when Dean Martin and Tony Curtis are singing patriotic songs in a flooding basement (LOL), it's worth a few minutes for a smile.

Okay, just wanted to share those two things. Again, hope your weekend is blessed.

See you Monday!