Friday, October 1, 2010

Running in the Dark

I twisted my ankle.

Here I go making an effort to get up early and squeeze in a jog and get back on an exercise routine after moving to Montana and getting a full time job altered my normal schedule… and I hurt myself because I was running a new route in the dark.

I know. Rocket scientist.

As I endured a painful step throughout the day, I wondered how to draw a life lesson from the experience… besides not running a new route in the dark. How did this experience teach me more about God?

Well, it reminded me of the importance of Light.

Even though I run a new route in life, I don’t have to run in the dark. God has gone before me. And He is light. Waiting on Him gives me enough sight to avoid the holes in the road.

The sprain is minor, and I’m getting around just fine. But if I’d waited for the light, I might not have had to endure the inconvenient, disruptive pain.

I hope your weekend is full of Light!

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lynnrush said...

UGH. That's a total bummer. I run in the morning before the sun rises, but I have a light. Yep, one of those headlamps but I twist it around my wrist and it works GREAT!

Plus I have my trusty dog, Maddux, to help guide the way as well. :-)

Feel better soon!

Sarah Baker said...

I just read this! So sorry about your ankle! Hope everything is going great for you and Daniel!