Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Ye Perfect

First – Congratulations to the winner of Dry Ground’s birthday celebration gift … Sarah! I literally pulled her name out of a hat! Fitting, since Sarah is one of those I've met through Dry Ground, for which I am so thankful. She has a couple of sweet blogs herself, that you can check out by clicking HERE and HERE. I even got to guest blog on one of them once. Anyway, congrats, Sarah. I will be emailing you concerning this soon.

Thank you ALL who left a comment and helped me celebrate this milestone.

I mentioned last Friday that “no one is perfect” and in effect we shouldn’t try to be.

Shortly after posting that, I started thinking.

Matthew 5:48 says: Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Eek. The Bible says I’m supposed to be perfect??



As I’ve been reading this awesome devotional lately (thanks, Mama!), I’ve been learning what that being perfect thing is actually about.

I’ve misunderstood that verse, or at least taken it out of context, all my life. I’ve always thought, more assumed, at least acted like I believed #1 – Jesus’ blood forgives my sins, #2 – I’m responsible to be perfect or “good” from here on out.

Problem is, I can’t. I mean, I try, and I do pretty good, judging by my own standards. Yet, I sin. And I feel horribly guilty because I should love Jesus enough for forgiving my sins to treat Him with the respect He deserves and just be obedient. So… why can’t I?

It’s because of #2 and my misinterpretation of the verse in Matthew.

Just like we depend on Jesus’ blood for the atonement (forgiveness and cleansing) of our sins, we also must depend on and identify with Jesus’ death on the cross for our deliverance, perfection, sanctification.

“Be Perfect” was never something required of our own power. As humans, a.k.a. sinners, we have no power over sin. Absolutely none.

Our growth in Christ, just like a seed, starts when we die to self.

Like that seed, our old self dies, we absorb the nutrients of a fertile environment - rich soil, refreshing rains, nourishing sun, a little fertilizer – all of which come from our Creator. In those conditions only will we grow and thrive. A seed for a seed’s sake never does anything, least of which is produce fruit.

Our growth into perfection is a life long process, but not because of our striving and failing. It’s failing, then realizing that it’s all on Christ.

What a Savior. J

We’re hitting the road today, heading for a new adventure in Montana. I appreciate your prayers.

Hope your week is rocking!

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lynnrush said...

Hope you have safe travels!!!! Praying God's blessing over you on your new adventure.

Sarah Baker said...

Wow! I'm shocked, and excited! :) Thanks Lori! And congrats again on Dry Ground's 1st birthday!