Monday, September 13, 2010


I’m rich!

No, I didn’t win the lottery or gain an inheritance or get a promotion.

I’m rich with relationships.

Too bad if it sounds cliché, I’m totally serious, and I’m feeling it poignantly at the moment.

I often lament that I don’t have siblings or children or a St.Elmo’s gang of forever trues. But then God steps in during those mini pity parties and shows me with striking clarity what He has given me.

We stopped in Omaha to see family and friends on our route to Montana. Throughout our visit, certain little moments with several individuals touched my heart to such a degree, it brought tears to my eyes.

And as we all know, I don’t cry… often.

A kind but honest question about how I’m doing with yet another change/move, an extra-tight hug, a homemade bracelet as a token of affection, and just time spent building and participating in relationships – it filled my heart with priceless treasures.

As we drove away Saturday morning, continuing on toward our ultimate destination, I felt overwhelming contentment in the fact that God has blessed me with special, precious people to know and love and care for.

How could anything in this world be more important?

Even if you’re feeling lonely today, ask God to show you the wealth of souls you possess. A lot of times, He reveals it by asking us to reach out to others in the same boat.

Take time today to appreciate your relationships! Indeed, I appreciate all of you! And though I can’t via cyberspace, there will be a time and space in which I’ll get to hug your neck. Looking forward to it.

Be blessed, Dry Ground friends! Happy Monday!

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