Monday, September 6, 2010


Today marks the one-year anniversary of Dry Ground!

That may not mean much to you.

But it’s significant to me for several reasons.

Like journaling, God reminds me of things He’s taught me through things I’ve written in the past. I find that I forget a lot of it as I go along. Dry Ground has served as a chronicle of His whisperings in my life. (click here to read the very first Dry Ground)

The responsibility and commitment to writing Dry Ground three times a week has urged me to pursue God more, listen more carefully, obey even when some days I just don’t feel like it. So, discipline, I guess, you could say, writing this blog has given me.

More than either of those, however, are the relationships I’ve gained and nurtured through Dry Ground. I don’t have a church home at the moment, and discussions, no matter how brief, over Dry Ground subjects have linked me to fellow Christians in ways I never would have experienced. Also, I’ve actually met people through blogging, people I’ve yet to see face-to-face, some of whom have become important, cherished friends. I am so thankful for that.

In thanks and appreciation for your support and fellowship this past year, I’m offering one of you a present! A contest of sorts, all you have to do is leave a comment. I’ll put the names in a hat and draw a winner, to be announced Wednesday. The prize? Well, as Willy Wonka says, the best kind of prize is a SURprise, but I will say that it is a gift card of some sort. So, if you want to win, leave a comment on this post today, Monday, September 6th before midnight CST. If you use the “anonymous” option, just don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom of your post. I’ve got to know, you know?

I plan to continue Dry Ground, even as we move again and life routines alter again. There will be a few changes, new features and such, in the coming weeks. I hope you will keep treading along this journey with me. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you!

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday, Dry Ground.

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Anonymous said...

Remember to smile, even when the moment doesn't call for it. It easy, free and the best part contagious. Smile , my friend, because someone is always smiling when they think of you.

Sean M

Anonymous said...

I feel in love with your writing from the very first blog I read. So much irony in having had you right in my back yard and not knowing you well and discovering what a treausre you are through this blog and subsequent correspondence. So very thankful that God saw fit to join our hearts! Love you and Dan, Lori! Very excited to see what the Lord has in store for you guys now!

Happy Birthday Dry Ground!


Anonymous said...

I love you and am proud of you!


lynnrush said...

Yeah!!! How exciting! I love reading your blog posts. So insightful. Happy Birthday, Dry Ground!!!

Robin Prater said...

Love your blog!!! Found it from Lynn. Thanks for sharing. I will be stopping in now that I know it is here. Congrats!! I remember that first year of my own. It is amazing how God moves through us, teaching, and molding us into who He created us to be. Blessings to you!!
Robin Prater

Sarah Baker said...

Happy birthday Dry Ground! :)
It's true that blogging has so many benefits--finding community being a big part of that. Glad we connected!
Congrats on your 1 year landmark! - Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dry Ground!

Three times a week, I get to know Lori, and her Daniel, better through her writings. I love them both, and know God is their beacon as He guides them on their new adventure.