Friday, September 24, 2010


Since I just worked my first full day of work in over a year, rest sounds pretty good right now.

No matter how much you enjoy your job or tasks in life, rest is an essential part of living because how you rest shows up in how you work.

J.B. Stoney says, “It is from the inner circle, the hive, the heart where Christ reigns, the only green spot, the fond enclosure – the sanctuary, that one should come forth to work. The quality of one’s work depends on the nature of one’s rest – and the rest should be like His own, known and enjoyed with Him.”

So it’s a balance of the right kind of rest that will make us usable vessels and bring us into a deeper communion with our Perfect Lover.

I sure do like how He works. J

Happy Friday, Dry Ground friends. I pray your weekend includes real, quality, Christ-centered rest.

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lynnrush said...

Glad you enjoyed your first day of work. But yeah, it can be exhausting! :-)