Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heavy Lifting

Nesting is tiring work.

After carrying all the boxes up the stairs, I empty them, break them down, then carry them back down the stairs to the dumpster. I've done a dozen loads of laundry. I've moved furniture, then moved it again to try a different arrangement. I've played musical piles, moving the same stack of stuff multiple times to clear the way to set other things up properly. Although all the boxes are empty and gone, I still can't find certain things and spend way too long looking for those lost items.
Anyway, I'm telling you this as one big, fat excuse for not writing an original thought today, but relying on a few much more inspiring quotations from the devotional I've been reading lately, The Green Letters by Miles J. Stanford. I'll let him do the heavy lifting today.
"Faith has nothing to do with possibilities."
"Thank God, He has accepted us in His Son, and upon this FACT we must rest our faith."
"To believe, and to consent to be loved while unworthy, is the great secret."
"We often come across Christians who are bright and clever, and strong and righteous; in fact, a little too bright, and a little too clever - there seems so much of self in their strength, and their righteousness is severe and critical. They have everything to make them saints, except... crucifixion, which would mold them into a supernatural tenderness and limitless charity for others. But if they are of the real elect, God has a winepress prepared for them, through which they will some day pass, which will turn the metallic hardness of their nature into gentle love, which Christ always brings forth at the last of the feast."
"Immaturity considers the Lord Jesus as Helper. Maturity knows Him to be Life itself."
"Our responsibility is to see in the Word all that is ours in Christ, and then thank and trust Him for that which we need."
"The believer does not have to beg for help. He does have to thankfully appropriate that which is already his in Christ."
"We are not saved to serve; we are matured to serve."
"Once in possession of truth, we are to rest - He will produce."
Hope your week is going well! Thanks for visiting Dry Ground today!


lynnrush said...


Hey, that's a wicked-awesome picture of the stairs. I hope the nesting goes well and you get settled into a routine soon.

Have a great day, Lori!

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