Wednesday, April 13, 2011

POV Wednesday – Element K

This morning, I launched out of bed in excruciating pain – leg cramp.

Woke me from a deep sleep. The alarm (a series of soothing, not-so-alarming music) had played more than half way through, meaning thirty minutes past the time it started.

Not the best way to start the middle day of a stressful week. Late. In pain. Startled and flustered.

I was tempted to let that set the tone for the whole day.

But then I considered a different point of view.

I’ve been trying to get a few more things done in the mornings before going to work. Start the day out productively, shake the desire to grab every second of sleep possible that only results in me hurrying around, skipping key points of my routine, trying to get to work on time.

Needless to say, mornings are not my strong suit.

On this particular morning, the leg cramp got me out of bed in time to accomplish the productive route instead of give in to the temptation to follow the wish-I-was-still-sleeping, frenzied route.

Sometimes, pain wakes us up. Sometimes, it spurs us to accomplish our goals, to put forth an effort we otherwise wouldn’t have attempted. Sometimes, pain in exactly the cattle prod we need.

Sometimes, pain is… good. And it’s okay to be thankful for it.

This morning, I was thankful for the pain. And that changed the course of my whole day.

Still, I think I’ll beef up on the potassium so that doesn’t happen again. Eat a banana or something.

Today, I encourage you, count your blessings, even if they come in painful packages.

For kicks, press play. And have a good day.