Friday, September 7, 2012

A Sea to See

I've always enjoyed photography. With the right inspiration, usually something in God's amazing creation, I've been known to take some decent shots. Not b/c I'm a good photographer, but b/c of the details God points out to me in nature. I have way too many pictures of tiny little flowers in random beds of gravel or cracks in sandy boulders. I also like turtles, clouds, insects, birds, paths and rainbows - none of which are super easy to get a good picture.
For a while, my camera lay dormant. I mean, years. It wasn't as if wonderful things to take photos of were in short supply... but I wasn't seeing. I wasn't stopping to smell - or capture in time through the art of photography - the roses, in a manner of speaking.
How we feel can determine our perspective. That's too bad b/c I know I miss out on wonderful things God has for me b/c I'm too into how I feel instead of the facts of reality. The solution? Oh, I don't have one. Maybe you do? What I do know is that God has been tugging me out of the darker places lately and helping me see. It doesn't hurt that I've had the opportunity to go to some gorgeous FL beaches in the past few weeks and literally soak up His majesty through one of my favorite places in Creation. That has inspired me to get the camera back out. I thought I'd share a few with you, my Dry Ground friends!
Happy Weekending! I hope you are able to 'see' the majesty all around you, which will inspire creativity, hope, joy and praise!


Susanne Dietze said...

Beautiful photos, Lori. Just gorgeous.