Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dry Ground

When I started Dry Ground, I was at a place in life where it seemed the flood waters were rolling back for my Daniel and I to walk through to promises on dry ground. Like the Israelites crossing the Jordan River on dry ground after years in the wilderness, finally entering into the land God had promised them.
That kind of dry ground is a good thing. When flood waters rise, as they have once again in my old Louisiana stomping grounds, the smallest morsel of dry ground to stand on is a life saver.
But during drought conditions, such as the US plain states have endured this summer, dry ground is in too grand of supply, and that single droplet of water becomes more precious than gold or diamonds.
That’s the kind of dry ground I’ve been feeling in life lately, and the reason for avoiding contact with my blog – and writing in general, truthfully. Besides personal circumstances and challenges, I’ve also been bewildered by current events. When I am bewildered, I am much more likely to clam up then speak out thanks to my inherent introvert nature. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts, feelings and opinions on the Aurora Colorado theatre shooting, Chick-fil-a Day, Hurricane Isaac, the RNC or DNC, or the sudden death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan, I just lost the drive to express it all. I’m all pruney – wrinkled up and parched for water to give me life, perspective, and hope.
I think another thing that keeps me quiet is the assumption that no one else ever feels that way – all dried up and fruitless.
Good thing Jesus describes Himself as ‘living water’ then, huh?
That’s where I’m at. Just wanted you to know. Hope that as we enter ‘harvest’ season, that you are indeed at a fruitful point in your life. If it is winter, I encourage you to do what I need to do more, spend time in the Son.
Love you, Dry Ground Friends. *hugs*