Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

Though I suspect I will be saying the above phrase more and more often as I am rapidly approaching what could be defined as older, I can assure you that this particular post is not about hot flashes.
It’s a complaint aimed at my air conditioning. Because of the particular temperature needs of my sweet Fluffy-Faced Ninja Chinchilla, Fiona, I was adamant before moving into this apartment that the air conditioning worked. Oh yes they said of course it works. Well, technically, that is a true statement. However, I don’t think the sultry Florida summer days are the only reason my thermostat consistently reads 76 degrees every afternoon. 
Imagine my surprise, then, when after three days of little cooling effect going on, the other extreme registers on the thermostat – a cool 67. At first, it perplexed me. What will it do next and will it remain, even if by a hair’s breath, within the ‘safe’ zone for my chinny?
It occurred to me that perhaps the thermostat, which is designed to represent the Truth of temperature was faulty or at least off the mark. When I set it for 70, I expect 70, not 76 and especially not 67. How do I know just by my feeling hot or cold if the air is actually 70 but the thermostat is just reading 67? I am relying on the thermostat to tell me the truth. But even if the thermostat is not working, the actual temperature is a constant. Just because the thermostat says it is 67 doesn’t mean it actually is unless the thermostat is working properly, in other words calibrated to the truth.
Spiritually, we are all thermostats. The actual temperature is the Truth. If we are calibrated to the Truth, we will accurately represent it. It’s not based on what we or anyone else feels for we all run hot or cold. It is based on the facts of God’s Word.
Have you taken your temperature lately? Are you calibrated to the Truth?
Hope you are having a wonderful week, Dry Ground friends! Be blessed!
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Anonymous said...

So happy you are blogging again!! I missed your insight and wisdom.
Monday's and today's posts are right on!