Friday, September 14, 2012


One of the bright spots of my week included watching Snow White and the Huntsman on BluRay. I love the story, the amazing effects, and it's no secret I'm a Chris Hemsworth fan. In it, the Kingdom has been taken over by the evil step-mother. Of the many consequences of evil enthroned, one that has quite the visual impact is that Nature too has retreated. Plants ceased to grow. Flowers refused to bloom. Animals hid out in fear. The sun shone less bright. Darkness manifested and infected, leaving little hope. Of course, Snow White turns out to be the hope the Kingdom needed, and through a series of battles and other strenuous events (including death and resurrection, come to think of it), all is set right.
Got me thinking.
This past week we commemorated a particularly dark moment in our recent history. To compound matters, evil-doers added more dark deeds to the record and seemingly are not done. Though political unrest abounds worldwide, our own country's campaigning for this year's election also flows on the undercurrent of unrest if not out right nastiness. I also heard news of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, which follows a summer of drought, floods, and fires.
If what we see was all we had to go on, hope would be fleeting indeed.
But the 'fairest of them all' does exist in the person of Christ Jesus. And because of who He is and what He's done, His purity - holiness - has and will save those who have faith that He is who He says He is.
By far, I am no expert on end time theology. I understand it for the most part, but can't explain it very well. I do know that the darkness we are seeing in the world is directly related to it. (For information from someone who knows what they're talking about and can be trusted, CLICK HERE.)
I also know that our Redemption is on His way. This time, He will come as warrior prince, claiming His bride, vanquishing evil and redeeming Nature itself with life everlasting.
Because of that, I am hopeful, vigilant, and adamant. Life is not meant to be chaotic, random, purposeless or imaginary. God has a plan for His Kingdom and for you.
Happy Weekending, Dry Ground friends. Be blessed!
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